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How our AI compliance strategy builds trust and accelerates innovation 

Compliance is often seen as a cost or as a means of safeguarding AI investments. With our AI compliance strategy, compliance can get you much more than just value preservation. Even better: you can turn compliance into a value-apositive story.  

In any innovation project, finding and testing new ideas should go hand in hand with risk management strategies. To foster ambitious innovation, organizations should create a safe environment for experimentation with the right processes, policies, technologies, and organizational structures – like, for example, efficient review protocols, AI working groups, and a solid data infrastructure.  

As we’ve discussed here before, the European Union’s new AI regulation, the EU AI Act, imposes obligations for different types of systems, with high-risk systems being subject to requirements related to data governance, record-keeping, technical documentation, and more. To some, this seems like onerous administration – and if you’re not used to managing risk, it can be burdensome. However, with a streamlined Ai compliance strategy, you already have a blueprint for safe innovation. After all, writing technical documentation or setting up a logging system for your AI can be complicated, but it’s much easier the second time around. 

Our team of AI Act experts helps you achieve compliance with the requirements in the EU AI Act. With just a few extra tweaks, our strategy ensures you’re well-equipped for any future innovation projects, instead of having to hire new compliance consultants for every future AI project.  

Accelerating innovation

Our Ai compliance strategy offers you ready-made frameworks for risk management, data governance, and people management, all of which are easily replicable for additional innovation projects. Our approach to the AI Act means it’s like a hamster wheel: once it starts spinning, it’s easy to keep it going. 

To really take ownership over your AI innovation process, we build awareness and expertise across your organization. Bringing every stakeholder up to speed on AI means you can collect more diverse ideas and build a culture of sustainable innovation – after all, the more people who can bring something new to the table, the more ideas you’ll have to start building a new AI solution. Engaging with stakeholders (from end users to employees) who know what AI can do also means you’re getting more useful feedback on what you’re doing.  

Our data experts guide you throughout to ensure compliant and healthy datasets that will improve your AI’s performance – giving your company an edge over the competition. Likewise, we’ll help you create auditable AI registers and system logs, which will help you better understand how you can improve your AI systems.  

In short, next to compliance, we equip you with everything you need to responsibly and efficiently move from ideation to deployment. By taking away compliance barriers and replacing them with accelerating strategies, we help you give innovative ideas the oxygen they need to grow.  

Building trust

Next to accelerating innovation, compliance can also drive additional business through trust, turning your compliance track into an even more value-positive story. If you can prove that you’re totally compliant with the AI Act, your clients might see your AI system as more trustworthy than what your competitors are offering. 

That’s one of the major positives of the Act: it’s been touted so often as a rights-driven, trust-first regulation that adhering to it also invites trust from end users. And if you can confidently state your AI systems and all the structures around it have been carefully checked and revised to be trustworthy, you’ll gain that trust in no time. If you’re using a high-risk system that’s been thoroughly checked through a conformity assessment, you can add the CE mark to show that your system is safe and has been approved for use in the EU.

Likewise, if you’re transparent about what your business is doing with AI, you’re also more likely to be trusted. Of course, you’ll have to prove your efforts by providing the right records and documents as well as communicating your AI usage in the right ways, but our strategy makes that incredibly easy. Many organizations are increasingly betting on trust to enhance customer retention and satisfaction. In the end, that will drive major profits in the long run 

Creating value with an Ai compliance strategy

Our strategy is a clear guidebook towards responsible innovation and safe experimentation. We embed compliance practices into clear processes and actions that easily transfer from one project to another. Being transparent can also increase trust in your solution and your business. You can turn your Ai compliance strategy from a cost into a driver of innovation, trust, and, ultimately, value.

Our AI Act Readiness Track gives you all the building blocks for safe innovation and shows you exactly how to use them. Get in touch with our EU AI Act Manager Koen Mathijs or your region lead to find out more! 

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