Simon’s story: Embarking on untold data journeys

Simon’s story: Embarking on untold data journeys

I’m Simon, working as consultant in the realm of data science and -engineering at Sparkle. Obtaining a Commercial Engineering degree at university, sparked my interest in data and AI. This pulled me more towards Computer Science and eventually obtaining an additional Master AI degree from KULeuven University.

My background story

Having been curious about technology since childhood, after my university years, I knew I was naturally drawn towards AI and data. I wanted to find out how I could contribute building positive, impactful things with these technologies.

After graduating, I started at a Belgian based IT consulting company. Oriented towards the usage of data, I’ve worked on several projects and clients: building data warehouses & lakes, BI services, developing machine learning solutions, … Over time, I shifted more towards building AI-oriented solutions. I obviously learned a lot during my first years as a professional, especially that the professional ‘real-world’ is often quite different from the theory.

Several years later, I decided I needed a couple of months to re-energize and find out what I would do next. I never regretted those months and bumped into Sparkle afterwards.

Programming and solving technical brain teasers are things that I love to do, but I also like pragmatism to find the right solution. Amid algorithms and code there is always a story to be told! Therefore, I found Sparkle to be a fit, since the people help you unravel that story to find the best solution, whereby ‘simplicity’ is often more ‘key’ than you might think.

Since there are many components in making data products a success, Sparkle has expertise in all domains, increasing the compounded rate of success. As an individual looking for those challenges as well as continuously eager to learn, joining Sparkle turned out to be the perfect picture.

My Sparkle story

Working at Sparkle is great because you have the opportunity to ‘work-learn’ hands-on with the latest technologies. You’re surrounded by experienced and enthusiastic people willing to help you grow further as a professional and human.

It is often the small things, like saying ‘goodmorning’ to each other that makes you realize what Sparkle’s is at its core: a professional environment with enthousiastic people and human touch.

The compounded years of experience that you find at Sparkle, is another reason why I like working here. Sparkle’s leadership also puts trust in you when trying out solutions in the fast-evolving field, making it a nice environment to work and a fit for my passions and ambitions.


Simon De Lamonica

Simon De Lamonica

Data Science & Engineering Consultant

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