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“Sparkle is the perfect environment for reaching your full potential, they have: experienced and kind people, up-to-date technologies and opportunities of working on different projects.”
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“I selected Sparkle for its human-focussed and fun culture that is guided by no-ego leadership. I like their holistic data approach and seeing that strong seniors are willing to guide juniors.”




“Working at Sparkle is great because you are surrounded by experienced and enthusiastic people willing to help you grow further as a professional and human.”

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Our core values


Enthusiasm stands for fun, happiness, and joy. This is our reason to exist in the professional world. There is also a sense of humor involved. We like to laugh. It makes everything much lighter and more fulfilling.
Enthusiasm also means that we are passionate about our work. We can work autonomously. We see the work without anyone telling us what we need to do.
Finally, we have the curiosity & openness of a child. We are keen to find out more, curious to learn new things.


Humility is about being able to look at something from different perspectives, besides your own. It is in essence the opposite of ego. Being able to let go of your own judgements and opinions, and truly listening to one another, leads to remarkable things.
We understand that there are multiple truths. In daring to doubt lies the truth. There is no good person or bad person, there is just the context that leads to people behaving in a certain way.
Humility is not something you achieve once and for all.You need to actively exercise it.


Within Sparkle we like to work together.
We live in a constantly changing and exceedingly complex world. We need to look at things from multiple perspectives to make good decisions. Decisions around data requires multiple people, each from their viewpoint, to be involved.
If you are struggling with a topic that is not your area of expertise, it is really helpful to be able to reach out to an expert colleague. It saves a great deal of time and frustration. Sharing your own expertise with customers and colleagues can be personally fulfilling and elevates your professional life.

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