Future Finance

Future Finance: the link between accountancy programs and Power BI

Business managers and financial advisors for small and medium sized companies want to have an easy way to make a financial plan. However, creating and updating the plan requires expertise and time. With Future Finance plugin to Power BI we make this easy.

Future Finance is particular useful when you:

  • Are managing projects and want to understand the revenue and costs per each.
  • Want to manage and predict precisely your cashflow position.
  • Want to make a budget and compare it with the actuals in real-time.
  • Are managing different companies and you want a complete overview – consolidated view.
  • Want to link financial data with other information, e.g in Excel or any other database.
  • Want to share reports with stakeholders
  • Want to automate manual work related to financial reporting

Supported accountancy connectors:

Articles about the solution:

Try it out now! Contact our Managing Partner in Estonia Pieter Jansen for more information. 

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