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The AI Act in practice: what it means for your business | webinar recording

On February 22 we hosted a webinar with our legal partner Sorainen about the AI Act in practice and what it means for businesses. With this blogpost we cover the discussed topics, and you can find the link to the hosted webinar.

The European Union (EU) Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) is set to become the world’s first comprehensive AI law, imposing obligations on both the private and public sectors. The AI Act aims to balance regulation with innovation, ensuring that AI in Europe is safe, respects fundamental rights, and fosters innovation and competitiveness.

  • What does this mean for your businesses in the Baltics and the EU?
  • How will the new rules affect the development and deployment of AI systems across various sectors and domains?
  • What are the key steps to take in preparation for implementation of the AI Act?

During this webinar a representative from FibriCheck, a medically certified detection and monitoring application, discussed the daily challenges presented by AI when it comes to business operations. Sorainen Senior Associate Oliver Kuusk discussed the legal implications presented by the new AI Act, while Sparkle Consulting Data Consultant Martin Karu covered the ethics of AI.

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Watch the webinar recording below:

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