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Innovation, oppotunity and growth all start with uncovering accurate insights. Employees and business owners at every level need to understand data and its impact. That is where business or data intelligence and data visualization comes in handy. It helps people see, interact with, and better understand data.

Additionally, data visualization provides an excellent way to present data to non-technical audiences without confusion. It is not only a matter of building dashboards by choosing some visuals to represent data. It is the art of telling the story in such a way that it is accurate and easily understood.

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Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. An accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers and patterns in data sets is provided by using data visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI, Qlik Sense or Tableau.

At Sparkle we make sure we are always up-to-date with the latest data visualization. We carefully follow-up the newest tools and updates in data the visualization world to help understand your data better. One cool update we are excited about is from Microsoft, MS Fabric. In a world where data is super important, tools like Fabric help us to transform the data from start to finish. Fabric’s new way of transforming and showing data lets us create interesting stories, find patterns, and get the most out of your data.

Sparkle enables organizations to maximize the value of data and is your go-to partner for data analystics, Business Intelligence (BI), reporting & data visualisation. Do contact us to discuss how to overcome your Business Intelligence challenges.

Power BI Support service

If your organization makes business decisions based on insights form Power BI reporting, it’s crucial to be able to rely on the correctness of this data and reporting. 

Managing the complexities of your Power BI systems can be a challenging task. Our Power BI Support service ensures the sound performance of your Microsoft Power BI solutions. 

Some Power BI related challenges we can help you with are:
– Training and support for Power BI users
– Optimizing dashboards for performance
– Power BI data modelling
– Advanced DAX calculations
– Power BI data security and compliance
– Troubleshooting data refresh issues in Power BI
 Power BI user adoption strategies
– Updates and maintenance

So when you having problems with your Power BI, or if you want feedback or validation from a Sparkle Power BI expert. Get in contact with us!

Challenges our data experts solve

Organisations are facing a wide set of data challenges. Sparkle’s data visualisation experts are typically involved when solving the following challenges.

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