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With Artificial Intelligence or AI we do not only look at the numbers of the past, but we are also able to predict the future. And even do it better than business experts do it manually. AI is defined as the intelligence of a machine or computer that enables it to imitate or mimic human capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence can drastically improve business and decision making by performing complex and repetitive tasks in which it reduces human error, it never gets bored (so it easily handles repetitive tasks), it is available 24/7 and it is fast.

In a modern data platform, a test lab is used for machine learning experiments. Once proven valuable, the novel insights are incorporated in the platform.

Some common commercial use cases of artificial intelligence include fraud detection, predictive maintenance, online customer support, cybersecurity and virtual assistants such as chatbots.

Are you in search for a ChatGPT based solution?

Sparkle has already realised several ChatGPT-based solutions for different departments across multiple industries such as, legal, customer care, investor relations, contract management, maintenance management etc. If you want to know more about the possibilities of using ChatGPT based solutions for internal private documents within your department or industry, contact us. The Cronos Group may call itself Microsoft Partner of the Year (2022 & 2023) in Belgium. At Sparkle, we are proud that our ongoing efforts (also in the field of AI) have enabled us to contribute to this important recognition for the Cronos Group. 

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Sparkle enables organizations to maximize the value of data and is your go-to partner for Artificial Intelligence expertise and services. We start from the business to determine the real value. Do contact us to discuss how we can help you with Artificial Intelligence challenges.

Prepare for compliance with the EU AI Act

Numerous organizations are capitalizing on the substantial value that artificial intelligence (AI) brings, acknowledging its pivotal role in shaping the future. Simultaneously, these organizations are becoming increasingly aware that AI adoption comes with a spectrum of risks and ethical considerations. As an organization building or using AI systems, you will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the EU AI Act. 

Navigating the complexities of AI risk management and ensuring transparency in alignment with the EU AI Act poses a formidable challenge for organizations, regardless of their size. However, Sparkle offers a systematic solution through our EU AI Act Readiness Track approach, relieving you of the intricacies associated with compliance preparation and allowing you to concentrate on your core business operations.

Sparkle comprehends the nuanced challenges presented by the EU AI Act, providing a unique blend of profound expertise in AI technology, governance, and compliance. We assist you in mitigating various AI risks, including those that may result in regulatory fines, as well as risks that these guidelines aim to prevent—such as potential harm to companies, their customers, and the wider public.

Challenges our AI experts can solve

Organisations are facing a wide set of data challenges. Sparkle’s AI experts are typically involved when solving the following challenges.

More insights about AI

As the world of Artificial Intelligence is an ever-evolving landscape we like to share more insight about AI and its exciting sub-fields with you.

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