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Enterprise Architecture as a discipline helps organizations optimize their IT landscape to support the organization’s strategy and helps ensure that investments are made wisely to maximize business value. Enterprise Architecture helps you navigate the complexity of your business and IT landscape.

EA combines various aspects of an organization to make value streams visible: people, processes, products, IT systems, business capabilities, etc. It facilitates decisions like which project to focus on (strategy to portfolio), where to cut costs or what the impact is of a change in the IT landscape. It helps organizations in their digital transformation. Furthermore, it helps to identify where to spend money to gain a competitive advantage.

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Sparkle’s enterprise architects interpret and transform an organization’s business strategy into tangible solutions, plan and administer an IT systems architecture blueprint to maintain that approach.

They help to introduce enterprise architecture as a discipline in the organization, in a pragmatic way. They will introduce the right level of policies and procedures and help to define the right level of documentation of the architecture. With clear roles & responsibilities and the right level of governance, architectural decisions in projects will be more uniform and lead to a more consistent architecture and a rational choice of technologies.

As a strategic and holistic data partner, our solutions go beyond data, insights, and information. We help you as go-to partner navigate the complexity of your business and IT landscape. To ensure this is properly aligned with the business objectives. That budget is spent wisely, and architecture lives consistently within the organization.

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Challenges our enterprise architects solve

Organisations are facing a wide set of (data) challenges. Sparkle’s enterprise architects are typically involved when solving the following challenges.

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