Data Platform Modernisation

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Traditional data platforms lack the speed, flexibility, and scalability to deliver fast insights. They are constrained by physical infrastructure limitations, siloed operations, and the inability to evolve.

A modern data platform is characterized by a fast, fault-tolerant infrastructure, a high degree of collaboration, and the ability to process a high volume and variety of data. It can facilitate self-service business intelligence and predictive analytics. As a result, a modern data platform embodies the power to optimize data availability, scalability, and usability.

The process of transferring from a data architecture with outdated or siloed legacy databases to a modern platform which can fulfill the current and future (+/- 5 years) data needs is called Data Platform Modernization. It is often cloud native, integrates data from multiple systems, and is cost efficient to setup and maintain.

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Sparkle has developed his own pragmatic reference architecture based on years of experience, standards and industry best practices. Our reference architecture serves a starting point to develop a customer specific data architecture. By putting architecture at the start of every project and the heart of every organization, we make success predictable.

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Organisations are facing a wide set of data challenges. Sparkle’s data platform modernisation experts are typically involved when solving the following challenges.

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