Data Challenges

Are you ready to face your data deamons?

Data Speed

Do you want to be able to serve the business better, minimize the impact of changing data platforms, and deliver faster by using state of the art automation technology? Do you want to be able to deliver near real-time insights?

Situation: Continuous cycle of novel insights

Organisations today operate in an era that highly prioritizes data and how it can be used. Staying competitive means understanding your business and the needs of customers in perhaps near real-time. Therefore, decision makers are asking for faster data insights to make the best decisions as the world around us is changing rapidly.

Novel insights are continuously needed at a fast pace to keep up with competition and the changes around us. For companies operating in fast-moving industries such as consumer goods, retail or banking, data-driven decision making becomes particularly important, given how much it impacts revenues and profits.

Challenge: Developing novel insights from data is taking too long

The amount of time and effort it takes for creating up to date reports needs to be faster for the business. Decision makers must be able to focus their time on how to best utilize novel insights, rather than spend long hours generating them. The IT department should focus on the technical health of the organisation.

Solution: Fasten your seatbelts with a modern data platform and data visualisation

Sparkle can help you modernize your data platform in such a way that limitations in the systems are not blocking data flow or rework, but facilitates self-service Business Intelligence and analytics. Such a tool combines data and provides insights their user might not have thought of yet. This will enable the business to create insights faster and make key decisions based on their own queries and analyses, without having to wait for the data or IT teams creating the reports.

The ability of a modern platform to support more advanced analytics is equally as attractive as the speed and efficiency gained.

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