Data Challenges

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Do you need to be able to reconstruct (financial) reports for audit purposes, or do you need to reconstruct all actions that have occurred on certain topics?

Situation: More data and regulations

Nowadays data volumes are continuing to grow rapidly. So, an increased volume of data needs to be managed, but also more regulations around the data are being established.

Regulations like GDPR, but also SOX compliancy, PSDII, data portability, ESG and many more regulatory frameworks exist that have explicit, and sometimes changing, requirements for data. To prove compliance with those regulations, audits are carried out frequently.

Challenge: Avoid compliance issues with data

To avoid audit remarks, compliance issues or even fines, organisations need to make sure data can be traced, changes can be reconstructed and evidence for all actions on data exists. Besides that, sometimes pricing updates, healthcare information or financial reports need to be kept historically for a longer period.

The challenge many organisations face is how to do reconstruct all actions on regulatory-sensitive data in the most efficient way. Many organisations are struggling to find evidence for audits or have to reconstruct actions manually which can be time consuming, especially while being audited.

Solution: Data Vault and Change Data Capture

One of the advantages of Data Vault is that it tracks full history. The data arrives in the Raw Data Vault – with no business rules applied to them, and all changes are tracked. This means that it’s possible to go back to any point in time, and reproduce figures as they existed in source systems at a specific moment in time.

To be able to track all history, it is of course crucial to be aware of all changes in your source systems. If data is changing during the day, you will not be aware of these intraday changes if you only extract data once a day. On top of that, it’s also crucial that you are aware when data has been deleted. That’s where Change Data Capture (CDC) comes in. Software like Qlik Replicate allows to record all changes that have applied on your source systems. Your Data Vault model will use this as an input to store this historical data.

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