Data Challenges

Are you ready to face your data deamons?

Limited expertise

Data is a complex domain. Is your organization capable of finding, attracting, and retaining people with the right expertise to unlock the value of data?

Situation: Complexity and scarcity

Organizations are dealing with increasing complexity: the number of IT systems, the amount of data, the processes, products, etc. have grown exponentially over the years and are continuously changing.

It is increasingly difficult to attract and retain data experts. Data expert demand is far higher than the supply, leading to scarcity of data experts. For specific data challenges, the resource needs are highly specific and may also vary over time.

Challenge: Finding the right level of expertise, in the right amount, at the right time

To unlock the true value of data within an organization, different data experts are needed.

Developing a data strategy or increasing the data maturity in an organization can be done with the help of data governance experts. For data platform modernization projects, you might need data architects, data analysts, data engineers and specialists in certain technologies like data warehouse automation, cloud, CDC, real-time data warehousing, data lakehouse, … To gain the right analytical insights from the data, you need data visualization experts, which is another skill set. For advanced analytics data scientists and ML engineers come in handy. Project managers are needed to steer projects according to scope, timing and budget. Enterprise Architects can help gain transparency, get a grip on the (IT) landscape and ensure IT budget is allocated in terms of business value. 

Even if the right level of expertise is found, it is not always sufficient to achieve the objectives. You might need more – or sometimes less- expertise, and this changes over time.

Solution: Working with Sparkle consultants

Sparkle consultants with various levels of expertise can be hired for a specific timeframe or number of days. It allows organizations to achieve results in projects without the need to hire everyone internally. The Sparkle consultants generally have a lot of experience. With an average of 15 years of experience, our experts deliver high quality results faster than you would do in-house.

Sparkle covers ample data expert areas, from strategy to implementation, from technical to business, from advice to hands-on work. Do contact us to discuss how to overcome your data challenges.

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