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Outsourcing your day-to-day maintenance and support of your existing analytical solutions and data platforms can help reduce costs across several areas including OPEX-spend, recruitment and overtime costs, as well as training and tooling costs. It also facilitates work efficiencies for your dev team so they can focus on new developments.

With the managed services from Sparkle (also available as a nearshore solution), we take care of your analytical solutions to make sure it is monitored and keeps running smoothly.

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To make Sparkle Managed Services a success we have combined pro-active monitoring, corrective maintenance, and the implementation of changes. Within Sparkle’s Managed Service it is possible to choose between two levels of support: end-to-end support or first-line support. Choose the level of support that suits your business best. Our managed services focus on the Microsoft platform, both on-premise and cloud (MS Azure), but we support other technologies as well.

Pro-active Data Monitoring

By pro-actively monitoring the disk space, pipeline duration, pipeline event, warnings, etc., we prevent your analytical solutions from unnecessary downtime. Sparkle’s data engineers will monitor analytical pipelines daily. Our standardized approach is built to scale, among environments, considering all privacy regulations.

Corrective Maintenance

When an incident occurs, it is important to react quickly and investigate the root cause. At Sparkle we have a large pool of data engineers available to tackle incidents when they occur. So, avoid time spent on maintenance and troubleshooting, as we can take care of your analytical solutions.

End-to-end support

With our end-to-end support solution Sparkle takes the responsibility of monitoring and providing support from source (for example: databases, API’s, CDC-tools, etc.) to target endpoint (for example: API’s, databases, reporting tools, applications, etc.).

First-line support

With Sparkle’s first-line support we set up the monitoring that provides the support. This level of support is typically interesting to detect and quickly fix problems such as temporary downtime of a server/service, latency errors, etc. The support is technical in nature and business knowledge is out of scope.

Please contact us to discuss how we can start helping you with the maintenance and support of your analytical solutions.

Challenges our managed service solves

Organisations are facing a wide set of (data) challenges. Sparkle’s managed data service solves many of those challenges including. 

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