Sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable Entrepreneurship: an interview by Trends with our Managing Partners

Sparkle shows that scaling a business can go hand in hand with caring for people and society.

Sustainable entrepreneurship - Lien & Kristof
Source: Trends

What was going to be the angle of the interview?

Recently, Trends contacted our Sparkle Managing Partners Lien Keulemans & Kristof Van de Loock for an interview. No, we did not pay for it! 😉

Melanie asked us “What could be a good angle for an interview?”. There were many ideas that popped up, like our international character, the rapid scaling of our business, the experience we have with the EU AI Act, the reverse pyramid of experienced consultants in our team, our company values, our people… 

In the end we talked about different things during the interview. And Melanie translated it very well into the article below: “Sparkle succeeds to scale by putting their people in the heart of what they do. 

You might consider that this is exactly the essence of Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

Let’s talk about sustainable entrepreneurship 

Sustainable entrepreneurship for us means that we focus on doing business like any other company, but that we do that by always considering the impact on people, as well on society and our environment. 

People, planet profit.

The trap of being carried away by profit is always there, given the -sometimes- harsh nature of the business we operate in: the data consulting business. We believe that our strong common purpose and 3 core values help us to navigate us through complex cases and make the right decisions.  

Our three core values are Enthusiasm, Humility and Teamwork. More information can be found here.

A complementary team makes better decisions 

Kristof Van de Loock and Lien Keulemans are very complementary people with a shared vision. Both are positive, open minded and intelligent individuals. Kristof’s strength is his knowledge and expertise in data, technology, partnerships and giving a lot of freedom to colleagues to shine. Lien’s strength is her prior experience in scaling a business, connecting with people and bringing structure into the company. 

Next to that, a strong leadership team and our brilliant consultants help us to include multiple viewpoints and make the right decisions.  

Interested to connect? 

Sustainable entrepreneurship - trends full article


Lien Keulemans

Lien Keulemans

Managing Partner

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