cloud technology townhall Tallinn

Cloud Technology Townhall Tallinn 2023, February 10th

Are you interested in learning more about the lates advancements in cloud technology? Then join us for the Microsoft Cloud Technology Townhall with inspiration form Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure in Tallinn on February 10th!

It is an ideal opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and share ideas. You will be able to connect with experts and learn about their successes and challenges.

From Sparkle, Martin Karu and Alain Goossens will be presenting and share some valuable insights with you.

Martin Karu - Roadmap to a modern Data Platform

Martin Karu will give you insights about: What is relevant in a Data Platform? How to choose the right components for your Data Platform? What happens when things change and how to re-evaluate your decisions and ensure you are on the right track? 
With actual examples about building comprehensive data solutions.

Alain Goossens - practicalities of an AI and ML project

Alain Goossens will presenting an innovation project for the Flemish Traffic Center about incident prediction based on traffic loop data and camera alarms, with the use of Artificial Intelligence. 

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So don’t miss out on this event! Join us for the Cloud Technology Townhall in Tallinn Estonia on February 10th.Check out the full event agenda, and register for this event today (it’s free).

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