Big Data Expo

Visit Sparkle at the Big Data Expo at booth 154.

Whatever your data challenge, knowledge or ambition, Big Data Expo is the #1 data event of the year in the Netherlands, for everyone who wants to get more return from data. And of course Sparkle can’t be missing there.

You can find Sparkle & erwin by Quest at stand 154 of the Big Data Expo on 12 & 13 September in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Join us at one of our presentations during the Big Data Expo as well:

Tuesday September 12 | 15:45-16:15h Lecture hall 4

Maximizing the value of data through Agile Data Governance with erwin Data Intelligence

While organizations often face hurdles in fully leveraging data’s benefit, this session will unveil success factors that empower you to extract maximum benefits within your organization. Specifically, we will delve into the importance of Agile data governance as a key criterion for success, offering its pivotal role in diving effective data governance practices.

Speakers: An De Lafonteyne (Sparkle) & Jean-Bernard Adda (Quest)

Wednesday September 13 | 14:15-14:45h Lecture hall 4


Human factors in AI: alignment with the European AI act and innovation

Research has emphasized on the importance of considering ethical, legal, and social implications, such as fairness, accountability, trust, and legal responsibilities when implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven technologies.

Likewise, the European AI Act, which is a recently proposed legal regulatory framework for AI systems, envisions a European innovation ecosystem in which AI tolls are overseen by people, are safe, transparent, traceable and non-discriminatory.

In this session, we will elaborate on the key aspects that must be considered by organizations following the steps of the AI process flow (Design, Development, Evaluation, Operation and Retirement) as defined within the Conformity Assessment Protocol for AI Systems considering the EU AI act. Insights on our experience implementing the role of the AI translator within the innovation cycle of a Flemish public organization and lessons learned from the ongoing development of a Model Risk Management Framework (MRM) for AI systems will be discussed.

Additionally, some reflections regarding the AI potential to support HR needs and employee career development, and in general about how AI could impact the future of work will be shared.

Speaker: Elena Nunēz Castellar

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