Microsoft Sustainability Manager

Microsoft Sustainability Manager

Microsoft Sustainability Manager lets you kick-start your ESG reporting

Record, report, and reduce your organization’s environmental impact more accurately en easily.

Microsoft Sustainability Manager is an extensible solution that unifies data intelligence and provides comprehensive, integrated, and automated sustainability management for organizations at any stage of their sustainability journey. It is a solution designed to support on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals. It automates manual processes, enabling organizations to more efficiently record, report, and reduce their emissions and water or waste impact from your operations and value chain. Hereby it turns environmental data insights into action.

Emissions and water footprint reporting

As emissions and water or waste impact are an important part of the environmental part of ESG reporting Microsoft Sustainability Manager helps your organization kick-start its ESG reporting. It enables you to monitor and manage your organization’s environmental impact with unified data that helps enable actionable insights.


Sustainability Manager represents the emissions and water footprint of your entire operations and value chain more accurately through direct data connections and automation.

  • Automate data collection.
  • Breakdown data silos.
  • Calculate emissions and water estimates more accurately across scopes.


Sustainability Manager analyzes, visualizes, and reports your resource consumption, your environmental impact, and your sustainability progress in near real time.

  • Visualize your impact.
  • Track your performance against goals.
  • Gain actionable insights.
  • Streamline reporting.


Sustainability Manager helps you to set goals and take action to reduce your emission and water footprint and transform your business through solutions from Microsoft and their partner ecosystem.

  • Set and track sustainability targets.
  • Collaborate seamlessly.
  • Integrate your sustainability insights.
  • Support emission reduction strategies.
  • Re-imagine fundamentals.

Kick-start your ESG reporting now

Insights and analytics from Microsoft Sustainability Manager can help you more fully understand your organization’s climate impact. And that helps you better design and improve sustainability solutions to target your ESG goals.

Sparkle helps organizations with the setup and integration of data using Microsoft Sustainability Manager. Interested to find out more? Request a free demo by contacting us. 

As part of the Cronos Group we are voted Microsoft Partner of the Year for two years on a row in 2022 and 2023.

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