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The podcast times, a Microsoft Fabric Story

The podcast times was developed by Sparkle and Runway Concepts during the Microsoft Fabric hackathon in February 2024. We live in Estonia with its gorgeous capital Tallinn, wonderful nature and its incomprehensible language.

When going for a run walk drive or workout there’s nothing like a podcast to listen to your favorite subject, but what to listen to? How do I find something that matches my mood today? How to look outside my bubble to discover new things?

Therefore we created a digital newspaper that is useful for finding the right podcasts: the podcast times.

Podcast times

Discover the application

Out of ideas for a new podcast? Get inspired and try out the application yourself here.

When it opens you will see a range of articles written about recent podcasts.

We started off from an already existing podcast data set of Estonian podcasts that are transcribed and translated as they come in. From there we load them into Microsoft Fabric where more magic happens:

  • Summarizing
  • Write article and headlines
  • Look for an image to go with the story
  • Run a sentiment analysis
  • Store everything in lakehouse
  • Visualize with powerbi

How does it work?

Teamwork makes the dream work

Just like the saying goes we had different experts working together to make this happen: data engineers, data scientists and data visualization experts. Nevertheless the integrated capabilities of the Microsoft Fabric platform make things more straightforward.

You can start practicing Estonian already: “Loodame, et ajaleht meeldib teile ja see innustab teid eesti keelt õppima!” (Translation: We hope you like the newspaper and it triggers you to learn Estonian.)


Pieter Jansen

Pieter Jansen

Managing Partner Estonia

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