Stig Granlund was chosen as the best trainer in Estonia!

Stig Granlund was chosen as the best trainer in Estonia!

For several years now, IT Koolitus together with Äripäev Academy has been organising an appreciation event for educators to bring educators out of the classroom and hand over two proud titles: Educator of the Year 2022 and New Educator of the Year 2022.

About IT Koolitus and the best trainer award

Since 1995 IT Koolitus is a meeting place for makers and a world-class IT training company with their headquarters in Estonia, Tallinn.

Decades of experience, the best trainers, a dedicated team and pleasantly fast and easy administration have made them the preferred training partner for both large and small organisations.

The students can evaluate the quality of the trainer, based on this, the feedback of the learners was the most decisive when choosing the best ones. In addition, we took into account the popularity of the trainings among the learners, the general good cooperation and the willingness to contribute to the development of both new and existing trainings.

This year our data analyst and trainer Stig Granlund was chosen as the best trainer!

Here are just a few examples of feedback from learners.

“Stig is a practitioner in his field , he has extensive knowledge in everything related to data analysis training. He has many practical examples in his baggage and he knows exactly how to make data work for him with minimal time.”, “Stig is a strong practitioner and an experienced trainer. Explained a lot through his experience.”

A big congratulations from Sparkle to you, Stig, for being a sharer of practical knowledge and a solution to students’ concerns! Your contribution to the Estonian training landscape is invaluable. Our joy is all the greater that you are with us!

According to Kadri Kiigema, head of Äripäev’s trainings, the biggest strength of the Academy and IT Training, in addition to years of experience, is cooperation with over 150 top Estonian trainers and experts.

The trainers we work with are undisputed experts in their field, many of them also practitioners who can make complex topics understandable, enrich the theory with their experience and provide useful practical instructions. At our trainings, you can already learn the skills of future work today and apply them in your work even tomorrow,” said Kiigema.

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