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Prerna’s Story: My first weeks

The first days and weeks at a new organization are always full of emotions, excitement, nervousness, and being afraid if you will fit the work culture. Even though it’s a mix of positive and negative emotions, positive emotions supersede the excitement of getting your first paycheck.

At Sparkle, we work in a co-working space called Officenter. I joined on 12th September, and as an outsider (I am from India) I can vouch that not once did I feel like an outsider, everyone is welcoming and accommodating. Although I would like to mention knowing a bit of Dutch did help me out a bit.

Right now, I am doing some Power BI training and I plan to put these new skills into real customer projects soon, with the guidance of Sparkle’s senior colleagues.

Working for a growing company gives a lot of opportunities for creative ideas to flourish. If you have any hobbies or innovative ideas which can be combined with a business perspective, you can definitely pursue them. Like writing this article. I am not that much of a writer but it’s a good feeling to get the opportunity to write about my experience, which of course would make my writing skills better.

I am an observer, and I would like to mention some of the good characteristics that I saw in the people I work with.

Kristof is a very fun person and probably can make jokes about almost everything you talk about. For me, the idea of life is to have fun in everything that you do and to have fun as much as you can. I can recognise that mindset in Kristof.

Lien is the most considerate person I have come across in Belgium. Lien can act as a catalyst for any ideas that you can come up with, to assist you in making it feasible within Sparkle. According to me she strongly believes in the idea of making everyone sparkle within the firm.

Karen is the happiness manager and every time I saw her, I saw her happy. She has a very positive vibe. Before I joined Sparkle, I talked to her on phone several times. Just from those conversations I could say that she is a very positive person.

As I grow in my career, I would like to learn these qualities from them.

On 14th October 2022, Sparkle is having a team-building activity which is still a surprise for everyone, I am personally thrilled about it. Maybe you will see about that in my next blog. Stay tuned 😀


Prerna Munjal

Prerna Munjal

Data Consultant

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