Pieter’s Story: Teamwork and entrepreneurship

Pieter’s Story: Teamwork and entrepreneurship

I joined Sparkle in 2019 as a data engineer. What triggered me to join was the combination of fun colleagues, experienced and generally smart people. So it seemed to me the perfect place to improve my knowledge and competences to next level. Additional I liked the focus on efficiency (standardization) and on innovation.

Sparkle has a flat hierarchy and from start on I was involved in company building activities: demo’s to customers, pre-sales activities and improving existing services.

Sparkle is part of the Cronos group, which is not a classical hierarchical company, but a hub of companies which every company specialized in it’s own niche or specialty. Those specialist companies have the freedom to decide on their own strategy. Cronos companies can team up with each other to help customers better.

The idea that companies should be run by people that know the job, people that are able to follow the market evolution and technological landscape was refreshing to me, having previously worked in companies more driven by internal politics than customer needs.

In that sense Cronos supports persons that want to be an entrepreneur.

In 2018 I married with beautiful Estonian woman and meanwhile we have 2 daughters. Back in 2018 we were living in Brussels but we became more and more attracted to Estonia, for family reasons but also for the excellent educational system, the beautiful nature, quality of air and living in general.

I pitched my business plan to Sparkle & Cronos to open up a new office in Tallinn. After strong negotiations my plan was approved and we moved to Tallinn to open the new office! It was a start of an interesting journey, building a company, but also learning Estonian figuring out live in Estonia in general.

While doing this, I truly felt backed by Sparkle in Belgium. With Sparkle we work as a team and challenges are taken as a team. Since assignments are increasingly complex in nature, I feel that only by the combination of experts good solutions can be implemented.

Helping to make the team thrive, gives a tremendous satisfaction. I’m proud and grateful to work in this culture of mutual respect, humility and teamwork.


Pieter Jansen

Pieter Jansen

Managing Partner Estonia

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